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Rachel Barclay, Playwright, Writer
Story is the Key to Your Success


Hi! I'm Rachel and I believe in the power of a good story.


Stories connect us to our deepest desires and hidden longings. They shine a brilliant mirror on our true selves—raw, human, and chock-full of potential. They masterfully engage our emotions, which compel us to action and change. 


No matter the nature of your business—whether you're an entrepreneur, creative, or expert— you need a compelling narrative that makes your brand memorable, unique, and emotionally accessible, in order to thrive in today's consumer-centric culture. 







Whether buying workout gear, going to the theater, or booking a vacation—we don’t function on information alone. As a seasoned writer, instructor, and playwright, it’s a given that I know language and how to wield it to create and elicit an emotion. What I also know is that what you want—more than just eyeballs—are emotionally connected readers and consumers, so that you can grow and expand your business in a lasting way.




















Your brand's narrative is the key to its ability to grow and thrive.  


This is what I do—for experts, entrepreneurs, and business professionals: I help their message or story command an audience’s attention—and earn them a standing ovation.


My background is in writing for the stage and film, as well as working as a ghostwriter of non-fiction books and novels. Yep, that's right, I’ve spent many years collaborating with entrepreneurs, creatives, and experts on book-length manuscripts, blog posts, commercials, video branding, and creative brainstorming.


My ability to help clients elevate their brand through the art of story has enabled them to connect with new and existing audiences in impactful, powerful ways. 


My specialty: take mundane, flat ideas and make them emotionally engaging.




No one reads, buys, or does anything unless they're emotionally engaged. 

Commercial and Video Content

Commercials and videos' successeses hang on smart narratives that capture audiences' attention and leave them wanting more. 

Created, Written, and Produced by Rachel Kay Barclay




Current Projects







About Rachel

A story is a winding passageway with doors leading to enchantment and marvel, every step of the way.  

Take a good story out to lunch and you will leave feeling nourished from the inside out.  

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