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Human Telegraphs is a bright and quirky comedy series (Think Schitt's Creek meets Dash & Lily meets The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). 

Three friends open a ‘human messenger' business in New York City where they deliver verbatim messages from customers to whomever, wherever, and in whatever style the customer chooses (costumes and singing aren't exempt!).

Trisha is a type-A, driven she-boss by the time she left diapers, Margot, a shy, sensitive soul, who left her sheltered religious upbringing in Alaska to find her true self in NYC, and Lily, a fiery hippie, feminist playwright. They are forced to juggle the demands of their personal lives and dreams while being caught in the crossfire of other New Yorkers' relationship dramas, setbacks, and triumphs.

As a result, the show offers a fun, voyeuristic view into the personal relationships of a colorful collection of New Yorkers, and takes viewers behind their closed doors to reveal the authentically raw and eccentric humans of New York.​​

Season 1 Trailer

Adulting with Jane is a short shoppable how-to comedy series that features a different guest experts in each episode to teach Jane a new adulting skill.  
When you see a product you love in the show, you can click on it, buy it on the spot, and return to the episode!
The Summoning.png

The Summoning is the first installment in a middle-grade-fantasy series. Orphaned twelve-year-old Alma is lonely. Her life is unexciting and she lives with the most terrible woman on earth, Beatrice Botterumph.

To pass the time, Alma often dreams about the father she never knew and still hopes that her mother, who disappeared in a storm when she was ten, will someday return.

On a fateful summer night, she is tossed out of her bedroom by a wild tempest that sucks her into the sky. She has been summoned. But by who? And what do they know about her mother?







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